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Villagers Talk About Retirement Living At Alexian Village.

There's something more than special about retirement living on Signal Mountain. Is it the view? The proximity to exciting Chattanooga, Tennessee? Our diverse and vibrant community? The friendly, comfortable atmosphere? See what Villagers have to say


Nancy Pollard
Resident in the Lodge since March 2005

Nancy came to Alexian Village from Kalaupapa, Molokai, a beautiful yet isolated island of Hawaii. She lived and worked in Hawaii for 17 years as a retired Registered Nurse. After finding us on the internet, Nancy visited and chose AVT for two reasons – future healthcare and beautiful scenery. Nancy says that she comes from a family of longevity, so future healthcare is important, and has become even more so. And while Hawaii is unarguably a beautiful place, she finds much aesthetic fulfillment here on Signal Mountain through the seasonal changes.

Charles McCarthy,
Resident in the Lodge since July 2006

Charles moved to Alexian Village from Chicago, IL. He is a retired High School Assistant Principal and was with the Chicago Public School System for 45 years. After his daughter found Alexian Village on the internet, Charley came to visit, twice. He knew Alexian was the right choice for him based on two important factors; the continuum of healthcare and daily Catholic Mass. Charley really enjoys the variety of activities and events offered here, but especially the evening outings to downtown Chattanooga. He complimented the positive, friendly, and compassionate attitude of the staff too – “gold star!”

Clint Blumer,
Resident in theCluster Apartment since January 2001

Clint came to Alexian Village after living in San Francisco, California for 25 years. He worked as a Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Aesthesis in chronic pain management and surgery. He had attended the Alexian Brothers School of Nursing in Chicago, which gave him familiarity to the Brothers and eventually the Village on Signal Mountain. Having been on the mountain for 7 years, he says he enjoys the terrain and the seasons the best, but the overall value of the lifestyle options and healthcare cannot be beat. Clint is currently pursuing his PhD in Education and working on his thesis in dietary supplementation.

Dick and Jean Fitzgerald,
Residents of Canyon View since its grand opening in Oct. 2006

Dick and Jean lived in upstate New York for most of their lives, although they had been “snowbirding” between a condo in Florida and one of their five son’s homes in Michigan. It occurred to them that they needed to find their next real home. As they researched several communities, they realized they were looking for an accredited lifecare community, and chose Alexian Village – which has now given them the title of “half-backers”. The availability of the Canyon View was important to them, and they felt the timing was right in that they would be in control of their decision, not be a burden to any of their children, and have many years to enjoy their new home. Dick and Jean speak highly of the warm-welcome and embrace they continue to receive from the residents of Alexian and the Chattanooga community as a whole.

Mary Lou Scohier,
Resident in the Lodge for 22 years

Mary Lou came to Alexian Village in 1986 at the encouragement of her friends. While living in Florida, several friends decided to visit various retirement communities across the country, take notes, and share with one another. Well, Mary Lou was told, “you need to go visit this place in Tennessee!” and the rest is history. An expert weaver, Mary Lou keeps her hobby active with a beautiful loom in her apartment and hanging tapestries on every wall. She was among several residents responsible for the “Resident Art Wall” on the 3rd floor of the Lodge. When asked why she decided to come to Alexian, she says it was financially stable, located in a beautiful setting, and provides peace of mind for her and her family.

Bill and Ann Weller,
Residents in Canyon View since its grand opening in October 2006

The Weller’s moved to Alexian Village from the Atlanta area where they had lived and worked for 44 years. But it was no mystery that they would come to live here because Bill’s father and Ann’s mother had lived at Alexian years before. In fact, Bill was born and raised in Chattanooga, and Ann’s parents and grandparents were from Signal Mountain. So when it came time for Bill and Ann to retire, they knew exactly where they wanted to be – Alexian Village… “It was like going home and coming to a new city, all at the same time.” Bill and Ann agree that they have started a new chapter in their lives, enjoy getting to know all the diverse residents, and mostly are glad that their children don’t have to worry about mom and dad in future years.

Bill and Fran Kwilinski,
Residents of Canyon View

“We came to Alexian Village because we like to make the big life decisions only after appropriate study and planning. As much as possible, we don’t wait for a crisis to occur which requires a hasty forced decision. Having decided that a continuing care facility was the way for us to go, there were two more points to consider. First, the quality of independent living had to be as good as that where we were living. The second point, strongly affected by the first, was to decide when to make the move. We decided that Alexian Village offered more opportunities than we currently had. That made it easy to decide to make the move in our sixties. After two years here, we can happily say that it was the right decision at the right time.”

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